Friday, February 26, 2010

The Left Hand of God

During the past week and a half I've been working on the competition brief for the book The Left Hand of God, and here are my outcomes (one for each excerpt):

The first excerpt describes Cale (14/15) watching some Lord Redeemers bring new children into the 'Sanctuary' which is a very cold restrictive and highly controlled prison-type place. It is said to smell bad and be surrounded by smog. So I depicted Cale looking out the window with the children reflected, walking through the gate and into the haunting place.

The second excerpt is the battle between Cale and Conn. Conn was believed to win with no doubt, however Cale dodged and weaved his sword so fast and before long defeats Conn with a dagger. I decided to illustrate the moment when Cale is dodging Conn's sword to create these blurred Cales which nicely form what appears to be a glow or wings (Cale being the the Angel of Death).

The Third excerpt is about Arbell, who is desired by every man. Before this moment she had no pity for Cale, however after seeing the scars all over his back from where the Lord Redeemers had beaten him since he was a child, realisation struck.